Monday, December 3, 2007

First Blog Post

So, here I 1 on my very own blog. Most of you know that have been lurking other blogs for quite awhile now, searching for everything from cardmaking ideas and travel hints. Well I have decided that since we are about to embark on some fabulous journeys, this would be a good time to start. So, to start the blog festivities, here's some pics from our latest trip...Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This is the view from our room at the Porto Real. The weather was gorgeous for the entire trip...sunny most of the time and temps hovering in the mid 80's. We stayed at the Porto Real...and all inclusive right on the beach. The location was great, right around the corner from "Fifth Avenue". I'm not sure we'd do all inclusive if we went back. The food was okay but we ended up eating out in Playa most of the trip. We did have our share of dirty monkeys, pina coladas and margaritas on the beach though. This was our first trip to Mexico and we went with 13 other people (only 4 that we knew beforehand) and it was a nice, relaxing vacation.

The Christmas pic we decided against using!!!!

There was plenty of time for relaxing and dirty monkeys.


SuziQ said...

Annnngie! Love the new blog. Tell us more about your adventures in Mexico, and your plans for Paris. And your cooking adventures!

Robin said...

Looks lovely! Have not been to os on my long list of places to visit...if only I win the lottery ;) Good luck with your blog!

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