Wednesday, December 19, 2007

1 1/2 days and a wake up!!

It's almost here!!!! Just a day and a half and we're on our way. We're expecting snow here on Friday but the prediction (right now) is for afternoon/evening snow. If all goes afternoon we will be in Washington, DC, then on our way to Paris!! Here's a preview for you. We have rented an apartment on Rue's a block away from Notre Dame and this is an actual picture of our view! And now the back of Notre Dame is lit as well as the front so when we will be able to see it at night also. How romantic for have the bells awaken us. Stay tuned for "live" broadcasts next week.


Robin said...

How wonderful! I have passed that place many a time..who knew there was an apartment there. Youa re in such a great area!

There is a great restaurant I ahve been dying to try, just steps passed your apartment. I recognized the *rue* name. It is number 24 and is called Au Vieux Paris. If you go, I'd love to hear your review ;)

I will be glued to my computer to read your travels...

I *pray* for good weather and no delays!!!

Bon Voyage,

My Melange

Anonymous said...

Angie!! We are so excited for you and your next Paris adventure. Wish we could see you as you jet through DC... We'll be logging in daily to catch up on the blog - pls post pix! Don't forget to go see Bibidem on Rue de L'Opera!! Suze

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