Tuesday, December 4, 2007

16 Days to Paris

My new coat avant Paris!! Or would it be Paris avant? 2 months of studying French on Rosetta stone and I don't know the answer to that question! Isn't it fabulously French looking? I can't wait to actually wear it in Paris.

Also did some shopping at Ann Taylor Loft (bought these cords in both blue and white). Also bought a couple of long sleeved tees at the Gap, along with a great striped scarf and socks, neither of which I could find online!!!

From this day forward, most of my posts will probably be dedicated to our approaching departure to the City of Lights. I will also be posting daily from here in Paris as well so please stay tuned in!!!


Robin said...

You will be tres chic in Paris with those duds Angie! Don't forget your scarves ;)

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