Monday, December 31, 2007

A Day at the Louvre

Today was a first for us....we actually went to the Louvre. It was very impressive and overwhelming. We had all picked our "must sees" and decided to just hit those hot spots and go from there. It took us several hours just to hit the "must sees". Here's a few highlights from the day. After the Louvre, it was out for a quick lunch then Regina and I did some shopping...we are both bringing home a few Parisian cuties (shirts, not men).

Venus de Milo

In the sculpture garden

Dick admiring Athena

The ceiling in the Italian rooms

Yes, the very famous Mona Lisa...this is as close as I could get to take a picture and since she is under glass and heavily guarded, I'm lucky to have gotten this close. Still....very impressive to see in person. It is, after all, the Mona Lisa!!!

Winged Victory - probably one of my favorites seen today!

The pyramid from inside....another beautiful day in Paris.

Regina & Jason near Poseidon

This is just a very small portion of a beautiful painting by Murillo....I just loved the puppy with the winged bebe!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for any NY Eve antics!!!!


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