Sunday, April 19, 2009

A month to go!

Woo just over a month, we'll be heading off to Italy again. This time with a whole different groups of friends....and my sister!!! Well my sister isn't final yet but we should know something tomorrow...she's in the process of getting her passport expedited!!! This would be her first trip to Europe and we are both psyched that she's able to join us. This is really a dream come true for her (and me). We'll spend our first week in another villa in Tuscany AND we'll be there during the Montespertoli Chianti Festival....AGAIN!!!!! woo hoo :)

Everyone else will be heading home...but my sweety and I are staying an extra week...driving up through the south of France..ending up in Paris for our last weekend. I can't wait!!!!

I can't wait for a stroll through Lucca

Haggling at ceramics outlets

and looking down on Sienna!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When nothing is going on.....

just talk about the dogs!!! A trip down memory lane:

Remember this cutie? Kimi at 8 weeks:

She's turned into a beautiful 17 month old!

and here's Cody @ 8 weeks...another cutie:

growing tall at 10 months!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

April is Here!

Well hello friends!!! I know it's been awhile since I've posted and I do apologize. Life has been busy around here and quite frankly, since going on Facebook, I don't have nearly enough time to spend here in blogland. I am still doing some work with Sally in the furniture biz and that's keeping me pretty busy. I went on my first solo sales calls two weeks ago and it made me so nervous. But I got through it and just need to get myself out there some more and try to sell some furniture.

All in all things are going well. Dick has been busy busy busy which is good. The dogs are great...they are growing and still manage to crack me up every day. Here's some recent pics, taken with Teddy, our friend Kristi's new pup.

My babies love chasing other dogs and Teddy is way faster than they are.

Teddy & Cody waiting for water...Cody's really growing tall. He's still a little skinny squirt but he's got long legs and a long tail

This is what happens when all the chasing stops! Kimi is still just the sweetest girl and she loves Teddy.
Kimi & Teddy romping in the leaves.

We've got plenty of travel on our plate in the next few months and I promise to be better about positng: I'll be in High Point, NC for furniture market then mom's wedding on May 8 so I'll be spending a whole week down south in Lousiana, then we're off to Italy and France at the end of May, beginning of June and mid June I'm heading back out to South Carolina for a friend's 50th birthday celebration on the beach!!!

Last weekend, Dick and I spent four days in Charleston, South Carolina. We joined Sally and some of our friends from North Carolina for a 10K race over the Cooper River Bridge. It was great weather and we had a great race. Sally and I are both run/walking these ankle is still not completely well and she's still having back/knee issues but we finished the race and had a great time...that's all that matters! Here's a glimpse into that fun weekend. Here's the house we rented on Isle of Palm. It was perfect for our group. There were six bedrooms with 4 bathrooms and there were 12 of us. The house was perfectly situated with a large living area and kitchen in the middle of the house and of course, those wonderful porches. It was so nice to sleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean! This is the back of the house which faces the water....Dick and Ihad the downstairs bedroom to the right of the porch...perfect!!!
Here we are with Ron and Pam celebrating being together's been almost a year since our Italy adventure so there was lots of catching up to do.
Here's all the girls...happy to be together again! Stanage, Me, Pam, Sally and Gina.
Me and my sweety at the Shem Creek Restaurant...yummy seafood for dinner!!!
Our first morning there, all the girls headed out to the beach for a walk. It was a beautiful cool morning and we had a great walk.
It was great being there for a few extra days because we had a chance to explore the lovely city of Charleston. It was stunning this time of year...with the flowers starting to bloom. Pam, Ron, Sally, Dick and I enjoyed a fun day....walking along the water, admiring the beautiful homes and enjoying a yummy yummy lunch of southern food at Jestine's. I had fried okra, collard greens, meatloaf and cornbread...all washed down with some sweet tea and followed by a shared slice of coconut creme's not very often Iget down home southern cooking and it was delicious!!!!!
The running group: Stanage, Joyce, Gina, Sally, Me, Jerry, Pam & Ron. It was a cool morning but the weather was clear and dry. It ended up being a beautiful sunny day...perfect for running a 10k across a bridge.
Pam, Sally and I after a liquid lunch at the Windjammer on the beach. After the race we decided to re-hydrate ourselves with margaritas and beer! Seemed like a good idea at the time...LOL.

Our last day...sigh. For most of the group, this trip to the Cooper River Bridge Run has been an annual event for close to 10 years. This was our first invitation to join them and we feel honored to have been included. Thanks y'all!!!! Here's our last meal together...their traditional Sunday breakfast at Joseph's...famous for their HUGE blueberry pancakes.
One last stroll around Charleston before heading home!!! I have really enjoyed the time I've spent in South Cackalacky and am looking forward to Sally's birthday trip in June!!!

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