Friday, December 14, 2007

One Week to Paris and More Exciting Puppy News

Today is Friday and that means one week from today we should be on a flight from DC to Paris!!! Let's just hope that the weather gods stay in our favor!!

The most exciting news is that we finally have a puppy. We got so lucky and a breeder in Colorado Springs has a 3 1/2 week old little girl that she called me about. The timing is perfect. We have already named her "Kimi" after the Formula 1 2007 Champion....Kimi Raikkonen. She has one blue eye so the person who had originally reserved her didn't want her because she can't be shown. I am excited beyond belief. We are driving to C Springs tomorrow afternoon to see her in person so I'll have more pics. She'll be coming home to us mid-January. Having a breeder in Colorado also makes it so much easier to bring her home...rather than trying to fly a puppy across the U.S.

Here she is...our little Kimi:


Robin said...

Oh my gosh! Sooooo adorable!! Those eyes are just, wonderful!!!! How could you leave her and go to Paris????
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