Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just another weekend in Paris!

Before I go on about Paris, here's a couple of non French related things. This is my awesome nephew, Cory, the Marine stationed right now in Iraq. This picture makes me laugh because I remember the day he was born and to see him looking so "strong like a bull" cracks me up. He's an awesome guy and I just wanted to say how proud I am of him. This was his first Christmas away from family and I'm sure it wasn't you bud!!!

And I can't believe it, but Kimi, our new puppy is already 6 weeks she is, looking like a little stuffed toy:
We've been here over a week now and time just seems to be flying. It's hard to blog when you're going from sun up to sundown!!! It's 9:30 on Sunday, 12/30, we were out until 3:00 this morning and slept in until Noon!!!! The weather cleared up yesterday, it's warmer and we've had sun and my cold is almost completely gone. Here's a few pics to recap the last two days.
Me, Jason & Regina in Montmartre

Us on the Louvre grounds

Jason & Regina at Louvre

A little "magic" at the Louvre

Setting up the shot:

And to close for tonight, a little Saturday night action at the Taverne de Neslie!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like things are rockin' in Paris!! Loved the Taverne de Neslie photo (and of course the Louvre "magic" photos). Happy new year!! S&R

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