Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In Memory of Harley

It's been three weeks now since we lost our beloved Harley. For all of you who knew and loved her as much as we did, thank you so much for the kind thoughts these last few weeks. Our home is so empty without her. I keep taking my usual walks around the 'hood but that's when it makes me the loneliest because she loved to go on those long walks with me. Now it seems it's just an opportunity for me to weep over missing her. On the other hand, it also makes me feel very philosophical. I was walking last week on our usual route and it was a beautiful day albeit a little windy. I found myself thinking about how beautiful she looked when she was walking...and on this particular day her fur would have been blowing in the wind and she would have had that goofy berner grin on her face!!! My eyes immediately welled up and at that moment I realized that I was so thankful that we had been given any time at all with this special dog. She truly changed our lives and brought more joy and love than we ever imagined our lives could hold. I have always believed that God sends people into our lives for a reason and I believe that about our dogs too. Through Harley we have met so many wonderful friends - gotten to know people we otherwise would have never come into contact with and come to love.

I know if Harley had been able to "talk" there are some thank you's she would have wanted to express:

Sofia- for being my very best friend in the whole, wide world. I was one lucky dog to have you in my life. Thank you for all those sweet nothings you whispered in my ear.

Dana, Gavin & Lucky Butt - for being extra, extra special godparents to me and looking after me all the time...even when mom and dad were around. Special thanks to Uncle Gavin for always taking me along on walks---even on cold, rainy, windy, snowy days when mom didn't want to get out of the house. You rock!!! Big thanks to Aunt Dana for the chocolate chip cookie that I snuck off your table :)

Uncle Robin & Aunt Suze - for always letting me hang out at your house and be the big cat...and also for letting me hang out the brand new cottage and playing in your surf.

The Gaspar Family - for loving me so unconditionally and always taking such wonderful care of me when mom & dad were travelling to exotic places. Big berner hugs to Nicholas who treated me as if I belonged in his room!


Kristi said...

Just yesterday Nicholas mentioned how much he missed Harley and then followed that with "Mom, we were really lucky to meet her." I thought that was pretty insightful for a seven year old and I couldn't have said it better. So every time I see the park full of snow and remember her galloping across the field with her goofy ears flopping I will smile and remember how lucky we all are to have had her in our lives.

Dana said...

Harley was such a clown dog...ears a floppin', tail schooshing and a big Harley smile. I loved Harely and miss her tons. She would lay in the basement with me while I worked and kept me company.

Harley loved everyone on the block and everyone loved her back. Gavin and I still talk about how her 'pantaloons' swished when she walked. Lucky Butt misses her too.

Robin said...

So sorry for your loss :( I can't imagine life with out my adorable Westie


Robin said...


Maybe I should have put the right link in the comments....

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