Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 5: Fog and a Cold

Here I am on the bridge that goes from the right bank to the Ile de la can see the spire of Notre Dame in the background. Sorry to say I don't have much to report today. It was a very gray, kind of windy, kind of rainy day....and I caught a cold yesterday...wandering around in the cold, wet Christmas air. I was hacking all day and we spent most of the day/night looking for restaurants that had non smoking sections. We are having a fabulous time, though, relaxing....we took the metro out to the Gare de Lyon to check le Train Bleu...a restaurant we're considering...then went back out to the Arc de Triomphe...strolled down the Champs Elysee then took in the train exhibit at the Grand Palais. The Palais was built in 1900 for the Paris Exposition and is an amazing art nouveau steel and glass building. In the morning, we are heading out to the airport to meet Jason & Regina, our friends arriving from South Carolina. This is their first trip to Paris so it should be very interesting and FUN!!!! Bonsoir and Au Revoir!


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