Wednesday, December 12, 2007

8 days & Blue Skies

Good afternoon! Well, the snow is done for now even though we are expecting more on Friday. Today is a typical Colorado winter day....look at those beautiful blue skies! And it's been so cold that the aspen trees still have snow on them.

The excitement is building. Only 8 days to Paris and only 5 days to our momma dog's ultrasound so we'll know definitely if we're getting a puppy or not. The suspense is killing me. Even though mother nature can always have a hand, at least we'll know on Monday if there's even a chance for us.
I'm home today "nesting". Cleaning house, washing clothes and making both soup and chili to put up for the next week while Dick is home. The house smells all yummy and homey.

Here's a fun pic from this week. That's NC Pam, Sally and me with Santa Claus. We went to the Pearl Street winter festival in Denver on Friday night. What an enchanting little street...there was hot chocolate and cider, roasted chestnuts and plenty of cookies and other goodies to go around. Santa was there taking pictures with the kids and we just couldn't resist a pic of our own.


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