Thursday, April 30, 2015

Moving On

Well, I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote on this blog.  Five years of owning and operating The Purple Poppy left me very little time to do anything personal.  It is now, with a heavy heart, that I am moving on to new adventures.  Dick and I have moved to Simpsonville, South Carolina.  Although I am beyond thrilled to be nearer my East Coast buds, it is so sad to leave my Colorado ones behind.

10 years...that's how long we've been here and it's been a decade filled with both good and bad times...but through it all, it has definitely been an adventure.

This was our ribbon cutting for The Purple Poppy.  This was a great day, and I remember feeling full hope and excitement.

Donna actually came out and walked a few Bolder Boulders with me.  I love that she and I have shared so many incredible moments!!!

Maureen has been a great neighbor and friend...I will miss her smiling face so much, but am feeling confident that I will see her in South Carolina soon.
 Yikes...turning 50 was a milestone and love that I was able to share that celebration with such awesome friends.  I have known Tina for 23 years and she is such a loyal, steadfast friend who always makes me laugh.  I have known Rachel for less than 10 years, but she has made a huge impact on me...she is a bright, talented woman filled with sunshine and light!!!
 I can't say enough about this smiling biggest cheerleader when I decided to open my store, a shoulder to cry on (alot), a home that is always open and welcoming...and my very best friend who provided the crown so I could be queen for a week!!!
Sharing a glass of champagne to celebrate the opening of The Purple Poppy.  I couldn't have done it without her.
A generous heart...sharing her good friends with me as well.  Thank you Sally Simerson for all the joy you bring to my life.
Bolder Boulders, opening stores, traveling around the world, providing a safe place for me to cry, scream, laugh...this sister makes me proud every day.  I love her so much, and can't imagine a day without talking to her!!!
 I have spent the last few weeks reminiscing about our life here, but I am ready to join Dick and Kimi in South Carolina and start our new life there.

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