Friday, December 28, 2007

Too busy to blog

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was an incredibly busy day. Dick and I actually set our alarm and took the train out to the airport to meet Jason & Regina. They had a good flight and were ready to hit the ground running. Here Iam with the two of them in front of their awesome apartment on the Rue Rivoli, right across the Hotel de Ville (city hall).

For all of you out there who know Dick...the day was a march across Paris. Jason & Regina took an hour to freshen up and unpack then we hit the road. Down through Les Halles, down the Rue St. Honore...all the way up to Place de la Concorde, over to the Place Vendome (see below). This is where the Ritz is located...which is where Princess Diana was last seen alive. It is an awesome Place with high end jewelry stores. Of course, Regina and I gawked at bling while Jason & Dick marveled over the cars. Jason is definitely enthralled with the little cars here in Paris. At about $9.00/'s no wonder they all drive Smart Cars...yes, you heard right....$9.00/gallon!!!!!

We were up early this morning, making our way over to the Eiffel was another cold, foggy day but I did get some decent pics. After the Eiffel Tower trip, we stopped for lunch that lasted almost 3 hours. I am still feeling horrible from my cold so it was nice just to stop and relax. Sorry I don't have more pics but between this cold and the weather, it's been hard to get some good pics.

Here's the Eiffel Tower through the glass of the Peace Towers. These glass towers have "Peace" written on them in hundreds of languages.

And last, but not least, we went on a Seine dinner cruise tonight.....the food was good and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I love Paris all the time but I think it is just spectacular at night. Unfortunately I'm not a good enough photographer to take great night pictures. But I'll leave you with this last pic of the Eiffel Tower which lights up like a giant sparkler on the hour for ten minutes.


Anonymous said...

Pic #4 - What a postcard shot! Loving it - Paris vs Rome? I might be changing my mind! Love you Sister!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, nothing like having newbie tourists to show around town, huh?! Take them to our fave family restaurant on the Left Bank, then the Nestle Bar and toast to Janis Joplin!! Thinking of you. S&R
p.s. loved the photo at the Thumb from before you left... love The Thumb!!

My Melange said...

Sounds like you are having a good time!! I love the shot of the tower all lit up. Take care of your cold...I have a bad one too, but hey I am not in Paris...

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