Tuesday, December 11, 2007

9 Days and More Snow

Well, more snow overnight and this morning! This better stop before next Friday. I don't want any Mother Nature issues to get in the way of our trip. It does look like a winter wonderland here right now though!

I can't wait to be blogging from Paris. The 10 day forecast for Paris is showing in the high 30s and sunny. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Speaking of forecasts, this is where my friends K & A are going for their Christmas vacation!!! I don't think it's 38 degrees there!!!


Anonymous said...

Brrrr!!! Il paraît si froid là-bas. Je suis vraiment content que j'habite en WDC ! ! ! Empaqueter, Angie ! ! Les étreintes à Dickie. Aimer la photo de chaumière sur votre profil. SuziQ (no, je ne parle pas francais -- freetranslation.com!!)

Kristi said...

Angie you are a snow blowing angel. Thank you for taking such good care of us. I think you should write a book on being the best neighbor.

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