Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

Happy Tuesday and thanks to all of you who continue to check up on me here. Lots of stuff going on right now so this will be a pretty long post. Most of you who have known me for some time know that I went back to work in April of this year for a start up company. I wasn't thrilled about going back to work full time but it was an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Well, I guess all good things come to end...I got laid off yesterday. Don't fret...it's okay. I'm actually happy to be semi-retired again...as is Dick. He really likes having me home and having me free to travel or just hang out with him. Sally is pretty thrilled too (I hope) because now I can go back to doing some work with her in the furniture biz...and I get to go back to Vegas in February for furniture market again!! Woo hoo girlfriend....Viva Las Vegas!!!

Anyway, this time around I'm hoping to be more productive in my time off....spend more time in my craft room, with my girlfriends, at the gym, etc. All those things I never seemed to have time to do when I was working full time.

I don't think I mentioned it previously, but my one and only awesome sister, Donna, bought a car here in Colorado. Two weeks ago, she flew here and she and I drove it to Houston. It was a long (17 hours) trip but fun and it gave us some great quality sister time together. Here she is a rest stop someplace in Oklahoma, showing off her Volvo S40. It was an extremely comfortable car to both drive and ride in and got great gas mileage. I know she's going to love it.

As you can see, the weather was awesome and we had an easy peasy drive until we got here:

Dallas, Texas Saturday afternoon traffic. Luckily, it only put us behind about 30 minutes but it was a real pain to deal with. We spent the night with my great friend, Bill then back to the airport and home to Denver I came.

Only to be home for a week then taking off for LAS VEGAS!!! Dick and I spent the weekend to celebrate his...and his friend Scott's birthday. Nancy and Scott took a road trip to the Grand Canyon since we didn't arrive until Friday night. I had upgraded our rooms at the Bellagio to a corner room and we had several gorgeous views...this one we could view out of while we were in bed....awesome!!!! We were on the 27th floor so it wasn' t noisy and those mountains were gorgeous at sunrise (or so Dick tells me). Dick got sick Saturday night and spent alot of time in the room so I'm glad it was so nice.

Sorry for the dark picture but this is the picture in our bathroom...that's the jacuzzi tub underneat the window.....great taking a bath while enjoying the view. It's just a good thing no helicopters flew by!!!

I love the Bellagio. It's such a beautiful hotel, and Ilove that they decorate their conservatory for every season. Right now it's decorate for autumn...here's Nancy and I enjoying the fall "foliage". That's a scarecrow behind us...too bad his head got chopped off!

I loved this beautifuld display of pumpkins....the color really made smile.

And last, the old man in the tree. It's not obvious from this picture, but his eyes moved, like he was watching us...spooky!!!!
Hopefully now that I'm home again you'll hear from me more often. Ciao!!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have You Missed Me?

Happy Thursday and I apologize for being gone so long. It's been a busy month and I just haven't had the time nor inclination to blog. Busy, busy but not necessarily interesting stuff going on...in other words, not much to blog about. But it's about to get busier around our house for the next few weeks so I thought I should post a few thoughts before I really go underground for awhile. We went to the Broncos/Jacksonville game on Sunday...ugh...Broncos played badly and lost the game but we had a blast. We took Kevin & Judy with us and some friends from work also came along so we had our own cheering section. As you can see, it was slightly chilly...we got a little bit of rain and frosty drizzle but all in all, it was just fun being outside, watching the game and spending time with friends.

Here's Judy and I getting ready to eat our chili cheese fries....I'm such a healthy eater normally but when I go to sports events I can't help but eat stadium food. Also note the new jacket...apparently Dick thought I might have not have dressed warmly enough so I got a new Broncos jacket which kept me toasty warm and dry. Thanks sweety!!!

No post of mine would be complete without bragging on the dogs. Whew, having two dogs is exhausting but fun. The two of them are constant entertainment for me. Here they are sharing a toy....can you believe how big she is and how big he's getting????

He may be growing but he's still a big baby and he adores Dick. He's quite the snuggler and loves being close...especially in the mornings when we're all cuddled up in bed. This was Saturday when it was cold and drizzly outside and we were watching "Ironman" which I loved...

Here's another flying dog pic...every single time I get out my camera one of the dogs goes flying towards me. Cody is at that stage where his ears are too big for his head...what a cutie.

Tomorrow my sister, Donna, is coming into town from Louisiana and we are driving her new car down to Louisiana. Yep, you heard me...she's flying in mid-afternoon and as soon as I get home from work, we are hitting the road South. It will take us about 17 hours to get to Houston where we'll stay with friends Saturday night then she'll head home in her new car and I'll catch a flight home. What a whirlwind weekend, but I am looking forward to so much quality time with her.

We'll try to remember to take some road trip pictures...4 states in 1.5 days!!! Stay posted.

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