Monday, December 10, 2007

10 days and Puppies

Only 10 days until our departure to Paris. We are getting very excited although very busy. And I still can't speak French. C'est la vie! I'll manage somehow...I always do. The great news is that we will probably be gettting a new puppy - a Berner of course. I've been working with a breeder who has puppies due Christmas Eve. What a wonderful gift that would be. The mom will be having an ultrasound on 12/17 and we should know then how many she will likely deliver. There are 3 people on a waiting list before us, but they all want males so the chance of us getting another female is high. Here's the mom & dad...aren't they beautiful?

Dad (this is an early pic of him...he's actually grown now!) but he's from a championship Belgian you think he speaks French?


Kristi said...

How cute is he? He looks like he's smiling. I told Alberto that you guys are getting a new puppy and he was so excited you would have thought HE was getting a new puppy! We'll have to have a "Welcome to the Hood" party for her...anything to have an excuse to eat and drink wine! :)

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