Monday, February 23, 2009

While I'm at it....

Two weeks ago, I worked with Sally at the furniture market in Las Vegas. And as usual, it was a week of hard work and moderate play!

We saw Donny & Marie at the Flamingo...had great seats but this how close we got to him after the show.

Girls just wanna have fun!

I'm Back!

As promised, I'm back! It's been a long weekend, and I am so happy it's Monday! Jason & Regina (remember them from our Paris trip?) were out here from Maryland. It was their first trip to Colorado so we spent some time in Boulder then went up to Vail and Beaver Creek to do some skiing!

We couldn't have asked for better weather! It was sunny and warm the entire weekend. Friday, Regina took a class while Jason, Dick and I played around in the snow:
Dick and I clowning around on the mountain!

Dick and Jason: good buds! Jason hadn't skied in a while but took to it like a pro.

Me and Regina "posing" like the ski bunnies we are.
Rather than spending a second day in lessons, Regina decided to brave it and spend some time with me (then with Dick) learning the fine technique of skiing....LOL! This is the two of us after a hard morning, getting ready for a nice, long lunch break.

Saturday afternoon brought some non-snowsport fun. Regina and I both played around on the bungee trampoline...boy, was it fun. I wish we had pictures of us in action. Regina got some big air and I could do flips!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!!!! Here we are being harnassed up for the action.

A good day of skiing deserves a great happy hour. Here we're hanging out on the deck at Beaver Creek, drinking margaritas and listening to the band.
But to top it all off....a dinner of good wine and good food. We shared a plentiful meal of cheese fondue and raclette...yummo!!!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Still here

Ugh, so sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I am now on Facebook and that takes up way more time than I care to admit. But I promise within the next few weeks that I will start blogging again so don't give up on me!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Already February?

Good morning and I apologize for not being around for almost a month. It's not that things have been's that they haven't. January was a relatively quiet month for us...spending time at the gym and just hanging out. Dick hasn't been travelling since early December and it's been great to have him home. I've started going back to the gym....mostly doing a Body Pump class and walking on the treadmill when I have time. Lots of quality time being spent with the dogs.

I spent 5 days in Houston with my mom, sis and bff Margaret - shopping for wedding stuff for mom. It was a fun, productive trip and we all had a great time. I even scored a couple of great bargains for myself!!! Here we are on the balcony of my sis's great apartment. Unfortunately, it's a bad pic and you can't see the beautiful view that she has.

I've been doing a little work for Sally with her new line of accessories and am going to Vegas market with her next week. I promise I'll have pics when I come back.

Jason and Regina will be out here the weekend of February 20 and we're all going up to enjoy some snow sports at Vail. I'll have pics of that trip too!!!

Lots of trips coming up: Charleston in early April, High Point furniture market in late April, Louisiana for the big wedding, then Italy and then off to South Carolina to celebrate Sally's big ???? birthday!!!! Whew...I'm tired already.

Well, enjoy the week and if you get a chance, check out my Facebook page!

Here's Sally visiting with Pagli. The three of them actually get along really well once Pagli realized he was smaller and faster than they were and he could fit under furniture!

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