Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Here's Bibendum & Gianni at lunch on Christmas Day....we didn't even get up until 12:00 noon.... we exhausted ourselves on Monday and it felt so good to sleep in. There's not much going on here Christmas Day anyway so it was a good day to rest. We stumbled around town for most of the afternoon...went out near Montparnasse then I got cold so we came back to apartment for warmer clothes. We had a chance to talk to family which was nice. I also got to talk to Cory on his MySpace. It's fun right now because we're on similar time zones. Please pray for all our guys and girls over there who couldn't be with their families for Christmas.

Here's Dick @ the Pantheon...these were great trees in front..not sure how they did it but basically they stick these trees into holes already in the cobblestones.... Joyeux Noel! This was taken before the freeze set in...tee hee. It started out warm and sunny then turned breezy and cold. We had a great Christmas dinner tonight at a fun little restaurant we have found on the Ile St. Louis. This is our 3rd time there....we had visited 3 years ago then went back on Sunday night and again for Christmas dinner. The owner/chef is a really fun lady who's trying to learn English so we struggle through communications but it's fun for all of us.


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