Sunday, December 9, 2007

12 Days and More Snow

Here it is, Sunday morning and the snow is still coming down in flurries. Weatherman said we got 6-10 inches. It's cold this morning...about 12 degrees but nice and dry. We love that about

Colorado weather. We're off to Estes Park this morning with friends. It should be a nice day...and maybe we'll see some elk. We're only 12 days from Paris and getting more excited every day AND we may be getting a puppy early in 2008. We're talking with some breeders and I think it's highly likely that we'll have a new little Bernese puppy in February. So much exciting stuff going on!!!


Jenny said...

Angie Pangie! This is the first opp I've had to check out your blog since you went live! Great job--love your pics and really enjoy reading your writing. I'm excited for you and your impending trip to Paris. Bisous!

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