Thursday, February 14, 2008

When Dogs Fly

This picture cracks me up. This is a trampoline-like apparatus that we are using in our puppy obedience class. It's to teach her to go to a "place"...when told to. Supposedly very useful when you need puppy to stay in one place i.e. during dinner, when the doorbell rings or just when you need her to settle down in general. At the beginning of the training, she caught onto it very quickly...every time she'd get on it, she'd get a treat. It didn't take long before getting on and off it was a game. Anyway, I was trying to take pictures today because I can't believe how fast she's growing. I wanted her to sit on the "place"....hmmmm, I could get her to go there, but the minute my camera started to click, she'd jump off and bark....her ears are still just a tad big for her body so when she's leaping through the air, her ears look like wings. Am I the only one who things that's adorable???

It makes me a little sad that this puppy stage will be over soon. They can be so rambunctious but also so sweet and innocent. She is so much fun to watch explore everything. I brought her to Sally's today to meet her cat, Lulu. Lulu wouldn't have anything to do with Kimi, but Kimi was very interested in everything in Sally's house....from Lulu's toys to Sally's plants. It was like going to puppy Disney.

Today wasn't just filled with puppy stuff. I actually made it to the gym to do some cardio and weights. Tonight Sally and I have the 2nd of our Beginning Italian class. Maybe by May we'll know 10 words!!! Ciao.


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