Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kimi and New Clothes

No, Kimi didn't get new clothes but I did. We took her to 29th Street mall in Boulder yesterday for some socialization. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone! She is still very cuddly like a stuffed toy but she is really growing taller and has beautiful long legs. She's 14 weeks old this weekend and for her "birthday" we decided she's old enough to sleep in the "big bed" which isn't so big when you have two people and a dog. There's something very comforting about having her in bed. Here's her lastest pic taken today at our park. It is beautiful weather here today and will probably hit 60 degrees.

Oh, but back to my clothes. Dick "forced" me to go to Lucy so of course, I had to pick up a few things. I wanted some skorts for Italy. Makes it easy to hop on a bike and still be able to do things when you get to your destination, instead of wearing ugly biking shorts. These are actually tennis skirts but they are even more perfect because they have a pocket on the side that zips close. And if you're going to buy bottoms then you need tops to match!!

I bought this in both purple and pink....cute cute cute!

the skort in both brown and black.
and a really cute light jacket that will be perfect for travelling. After a little shopping, a little food is necessary. We went out to dinner with our neighbors, K & A, to a great restaurant in Longmont called the Martini Bistro. The food was good as well as the martinis. After dinner we tried a new "lounge" in Prospect called The Tusk Bar...another hit!! Fun atmosphere and more martinis to top off the evening. A fun Saturday!!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANGIE!! Thinking of you and D today -- so glad that you had a special day together. We toast to you both -- may you have lots more years of happiness together! xoxo S&R

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