Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Saturday in the Hood

I just love Saturdays, don't you? The weather has finally turned a little warmer - for now. It was 50 today and sunny. A little windy but at least it wasn't frigid. I've been doing a Pilates class on Saturday mornings and it really helps my weekend get off right. Also, D is home on weekends and it's a much nicer place to be when he's home. Today was a typical day for us...I did Pilates, he had a massage then we packed Kimi up and headed into Boulder for a little socialization. We ate at CPK...our favorite place down on 29th Street, while she slept in the truck. Then we took her out and walked around for a hour or so. Needless to say, she was the hit of the mall!!! Everyone stopped to pet and say hello....she's quite the charmer. Then it was back home to (me) work on taxes and (D) work in his car trailer.

On another note, only 28 days before my Lil Sis comes to visit....I'm very excited. She definitely needs a vacation and I am in need of company!! Here's a pic from her visit last year. She was only here for 4 days but we spent three of those up in Vail.

Here's some new pics of Kimi with her friends in the hood. I've also nicknamed her "K" Rad (for Kimi Radawicz, of course)...that's her "hood" name...LOL.
"K" Rad and Luke

"K" Rad and Sofia


a KRad friend said...

Dang those kids are cute. I wonder who they belong to? Who's the guy standing behind you in the hat? He looks worried. I bet he's thinking "I hope my wife doesn't crash my new bike".

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