Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Week of Nothing

Well, it's already Wednesday and I don't feel like I'm being very productive. I worked for half a day on Monday but the rest of the week I've just been hanging out. Yesterday, I did manage to whip up this:

Okay, so I didn't really make it. It was a frozen pie I bought from one of the kids in my hood...selling for their school. But it was yummy all the same!! My friend Cherie came over for tea and peach was a fun morning catching up with her.
Kimi is growing every day and now has a comfy, new bed to hang out on. She doesn't sleep here at night because she's crated for a while then she goes up into the big bed. That system is working out well. Without D here, she will sleep for a whole 6 hours before having to go out...we are definitely making progress. We are also going to a puppy obedience class and of course, she's the cutest and the smartest...okay, maybe not the smartest but she's definitely the cutest!!!
I'm hoping to catch up on some reading tonight. It's supposed to snow here...maybe 6 inches (ugh!)...I was really enjoying the warm weather but it is February in Colorado. I just finished The Memory Maker's Daughter so I'm on schedule with my 2 books per month goal. It was a good book...not great but it entertained me. I'm getting ready to start on Bel Canto which I hear is an excellent read. Also hoping to get to the gym tonight....sigh. My friend, Maggie, is visiting from Texas. Maggie and I have been neighbors and friends for over 15 years now. She moved to Texas two years ago and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her. She is gorgeous and funny, and she has the most optimistic outlook of anyone I have ever known. She is such a joy to be around...all the time. I only get to see her for lunch today since she's here visiting other friends in Denver, but at least that's something!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey CB! Just had a few moments free at work so I thought I would catch up on your life in your blog. Kimi is really such a cutie! I have to enjoy her now before she gets to be a big scary dog. :) Glad to hear you were underwhelmed by The Memory Keeper's Daughter - I thought it was just me. I can confirm that Bel Canto is a great book, and I think you will really enjoy it. I'm suffering through a Jodi Picoult book right now. Any recommendations for me to read next when I finish it? Okay, back to work for now, but hope all is well. I miss you!! Love, CB2

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