Sunday, July 27, 2008

What have we done? The double puppy saga begins!

Happy Sunday! Well, here we the beginning of our two puppy saga!!! We picked Cody up this morning at a Starbucks in South two favorite things: puppies and Starbucks! A nice way to start the morning.

Here he is, sweet little Cody, during a quiet moment on the way home. He whined most of the way home then fell asleep.

Kimi seems to have adjusted well already to him. She's been playing with him and doesn't seem to be too annoyed by him. I think he got tired of her because she just wouldn't leave him alone. But here they are, our little berner babies. I'll keep you posted on future antics!!!


Anonymous said...

He's sooo tiny!!! Have fun (and BTW - are you CRAZY!?!?!) Suze

Jenny said...

How adorable! How can you stand it?!

Deanna said...


I saw your comment on Kirby's blog. Oh, your dogs are so adorable!

The Midlife Gals said...

What CUTIE Patooties! Dog and cat love far surpass anything coming at us from another human.

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KK and SalGal

Katy said...

Awww! Sooo cute! Our youngest dog just turned a year old...and i still feel like we have a lil puppy...although thankfully he is house trained...but wow....he can drive me BONKERS! LOL

Fifi Flowers said...

Makes you what to take a big bite out of it! Why do we feel this way about cute things... or do you not feel that way... I'm not crazy... I have heard many people say the same thing.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

I thought he was a stuffed animal - he is PERFECT!!!

Kerry and Rachel said...

They are adorable! Hope we get to see them in person sometime.


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