Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TV I Hate to Admit I Watch

Well, only 4 more days before new puppy boy comes home. I have finally decided on Cody...just seems to suit the pair better, don't you think? Kimi & Cody?? I think it's cute.

I can't believe I watched this!!!!

Everyone who knows me knows that although I love TV (I mean I really love TV) and movies, I despise reality shows. I think I have enough reality in my life...give me pure fiction and entertainment when I'm watching TV. Which is why I surprised myself twice in the last month because I watched Tory & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood. Not only did I watch but I cried during last night's episode. It freaked me out...LOL!!! She was in San Francisco for her book signing and went to see her Uncle Danny - her Dad, Aaron's, brother. It was such a sweet scene and he looked so much like her dad. Dean said at one point that he thought it was so sweet because it was like watching her with her dad. Having lost my dad six years ago, I completely related to how she felt being around her uncle. It was a really heartfelt episode and made me weep. And I thought those tears were reserved for "Gray's Anatomy"!!!!!


My Mélange said...

Oh Loride-

I love TV too, but, but I couldn't ever bring myself to watch THAT show!!

But I am a huge Greys Anatomy fan. Nothin' stops me from watching my Thrusday night dose of Dr. McDreeeeeeaaaaamy :)

Angie said...

I was almost embarrassed to admit that I watched it! Despite myself, I kind of like her. Angie

Pecos Blue said...

I have to keep myself locked away from it and find other things to occupy my mind or I could do nothing else : )

Sounds like a cute name. Looking forward to seeing your new baby.

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