Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Puppy on the Way

Well, these aren't great pics but you get the idea! We are getting a new puppy! A little brother for Kimi. These are the three boys in the litter and we're not sure which one we're getting so for now, I'll share all three with you. We are very excited and are going this weekend to see them in person. Aren't they just adorable?

Kimi is still growing like a weed, I'll post pics of her later. She is such a fun, although mischievous, dog. She loves to counter surf...not necessarily looking for food but anything she can get her "paws" on...she's dragged postcards off the fridge, nail polish off the counter and even brought the phone outside!!!

We just spent the past weekend in Key West for Jason & Regina's wedding. I'll post pics later this week. I'm still trying to get all the Italy pics organized, but I promise I'll post some wedding pics soon. The weather was beautiful, but HOT!! HOT!!! HOT!!! More details to follow!!!!

Our friends Kate & Curtis, from San Diego, spent the night with us last night, after a long driving trip through the wild, wild west! It was great seeing them and their two beautiful children, Drew & Kendall. It's been several years since we've seen them so it was great to catch up over a relaxing dinner at home. Kate makes awesome notecards so you should check out her website at


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