Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Italy Memories

This was Sally's chicken in San wasn't her favorite but I think it looks pretty tasty!

My lunch in San Gimignano.....WARNING: Tuscan white beans are addictive!!!! I had them EVERYWHERE they were on the menu. Here they were served with sausage....reminded me of home (Louisiana) but my favorites were tossed with olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper....Yummy!

Carla's caprese. Fresh tomatoes, fresh mozarella and that amazing fresh basil. This was another favorite that we had several different places...why do tomatoes taste different in Italy???

This is Carla, our chef, fixing up Dick & Ron's favorite: Melon & Proscuitto...again, the melon was ripe and the sweetest I have ever tasted!

Pam & Ron enjoying some alone time in the hammock...yep, the villa had a hammock...does life get any better?

Here's proof that the entire trip wasn't filled with eating, drinking & shopping. This is on our hike in the Cinque Terre....a 2 hour hike that took us from the town of Monterosso to Vernazza...absolutely one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Overlooking this a beautiful place, or what? And in this pic you can't really see how gorgeous the colors of those buildings were...those fabulous, fabulous sunwashed yellows, pinks and greens all set against the blue of the Ligurian Sea!


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie - Checking out your blog and what a nice surprise. More Italy pics. Seeing the pics brings back wonderful memories. I miss that place soooo much. Ron has already made Melon & Proscuitto here at home. I've been enjoying a touch of fresh olive oil on my salads this week. And I've got to find those beans! Miss the villa, and I want to see the rest of the villages in Cinque Terre one day. Pam

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Those are great pics! Caprese "salads" are one of our favorite things to have here in the summer. In fact ... you gave me an idea for lunch!

They have caprese pizza, too. Did you have one of those?

My Mélange said...


Damn, you ae making me hnugry and it's only 8am here in NY!!!!

Cinque Terre is on my list for next time. Reminds me of Positano a bit ;)

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