Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Under The Tuscan Sun #2

Yesterday, Dick and I spent the day in Cortona...the city where "Under the Tuscan Sun" takes place. What a charming little town. We had lunch...pasta fagioli zuppa for me, pasta for Dick (of course). And a little white wine to wash it all down. After Cortona, we drove up to Arezzo to see the frescoes at San Francesco church. These were the frescoes that were featured in "The English Patient". Can you tell I'm a movie buff? Here are scenese from Cortona.

Here's Bibendum & Gianni at the scenic overlook in Cortona.


Anonymous said...

i love that Bibendum got to go with you!! It's almost like we're there with you... S&R

My MéLANGE said...

So lovely. I have not made it too Cortona, yet.

You know what I want that last picture for ;)

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