Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puppies and Weddings

Things are busy here around the Radawicz household, as usual. We went to see the puppies yesterday. How fun!! Sara has 5 adult berners and right now, 5 puppies...whew, that's alot of dawg!!! Here they are:

Peter, Greg & Bobby!!! We don't know which one will be ours but they are all so adorable we don't care. They are 4 weeks old right now so we have 4 more weeks before we can bring our little boy home.

We are home now for the big trips planned. I am so glad to be nesting for awhile. Here's some snaps from our Key West wedding adventure. It was a great trip...although not without some drama.

Dick and Jason with the rest of our group on the Sunset Cruise. We had to stand in line to get our "boarding passes" for an hour at 6pm on a concrete sidewalk with no awning...I have never been so hot!!!! Luckily, once the boat took off and the champagne was flowing, it was much more comfortable.

Here's the view of our hotel (note the big cruise ship that completely blocks the view). We stayed at the Westin, Key West. Nice location but warning: if you get a room with a view or even a partial view, your "view" will be the cruise ship which is docked right in front of the hotel.

Here's Dick hanging out on Duval Street, Key West's main party street...tons of restaurants, bars, tacky name it! As you can see, the weather was perfect!!!!

Here's me at the end of the world....mile marker zero on Highway 1.

And don't forget, we were there for a wedding! Here's a pic of Leonard, the father of the bride, with the female wedding guests. It was a beautiful wedding...a beautiful setting and small & intimate...only 10 guests that weren't family!

Here's the minister and Jessica, Regina's best friend and maid of honor...she was so much fun and another friend we look forward to spending more time with!!

Here's Regina...that gorgeous bride with her dad, new hubby Jason and his parents. The drama: Regina's mom got sick Thursday night and was hospitalized the entire weekend. Regina & Jason went out to the hospital and took pics with her before the wedding but we were all sad that she was unable to make the wedding.

The reception was delightful...dinner at the outdoor restaurant on Sunset Key Island which is where the wedding took place. But afterwards, we went to Regina & Jason's cottage and continued the celebration...Kelly pulled out her IPod and we danced until the wee hours of the morning!!!
And last, but definitely NOT's Dick with Jennifer, his gorgeous first born. We met Jen and her friend James in Miami at the beginning and end of our trip. This is Sunday night at Monty's in Coconut Grove. Jen is not only gorgeous but funny and talented too!!!!


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