Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lazy Day in Paris

It is now 11:30 on Thursday and we just got out of bed!! I really believe we're coming down with the Paris sleeping disease. We can't seem to drag ourselves out of bed before 11:00. Today is gray and raining outside so we've decided to stay in for awhile and get some packing done.

Yesterday was a gorgeous, blue sunny day but cold...almost 30 degrees. Wouldn't you know it, though, I left the chip for my camera in my laptop so I could only take 5 pictures on the camera and then, I can't download those pics to my laptop because I didn't bring my cable...oh well. You'll have to wait and see those later.

We spent the day around the Marais and the Bastille. We walked around the Place de Vosges, one of of Paris' prettiest squares. Here's a stock photo!!

I was completely overwhelmed with French food today so we went back to one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Chieng-Mai on Rue Frederice Sauton on the left bank. This is the second time we've eaten there this trip and I love it. I had the Phat-That: noodles with egg, chicken, peanuts & green onions. Dick had a yummy, yummy chicken soup then pork skewers with sticky rice. We both had dessert...he had bread pudding with coconut and ginger ice creams. I had the ginger ice cream - delicious!!! I also had lemongrass tea.. I've had this made from tea bags that friends brought back from Thailand but this was actual stalks of lemongrass steeped in hot water. It was so delicious I am definitely going to have to find lemongrass in the states and try it at home. It's so refreshing and calming in the evening.

Well, we only have one more day left in Paris and I am ready to go home. We love our life, our friends, our neighborhood and are looking forward to coming back to our life. And, we are soooo excited about bringing Kimi home next week!!!!


CB2 said...

Hey CB! Just read your entire Paris blog section - what an amazing trip you and Dick are having!! Enjoy the rest of it to the fullest, and safe travels back. Can't wait to hear all about it on our next phone date. Miss you! And love to you and Dick!! - CB2

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