Friday, January 11, 2008

Cork Crafts

I'm still suffering a little bit from jet lag. My clock is still a little off. I want to go to bed at 8:00 but I'm up at 5:30 in the morning. After 5 days of being home, I'm just starting to feel normal. That's a good thing since Kimi comes home tomorrow..get ready for plenty of puppy pics.

I'm very excited to have been mentioned in someone else's blog, Robin at You should definitely check out her blog since she was my most motivating factor for starting my own. She adores Paris and has had some wonderful adventures there that she's blogged about. She also adores Italy so how could we not become friends??? AND, she has a dog....sigh! Also, Robin sent me over to this site, she's having a cool contest so check it out and definitely tell her I sent you.

Unlike Robin, I am not suffering from the winter blues, just the jet lag. Late afternoon seem to be really bad. When the sun starts to go down and all my body wants to do is sleep. So yesterday, while dogsitting for a neighbor, I decided to start a craft project. Now I have a whole craft room filled with stamping and cardmaking material AND a whole list of thank you cards that need to be written after the holidays. I just couldn't drag myself up there. So, motivated by Robin's winter blues and her wine drinking, I decided to take the corks we have been saving and do something productive. Here's the outcome:

I have a very small cabinet section in a corner of my kitchen and it's where the phone goes, cell phones get charged, etc. and it's fairly hidden so it was a perfect place for an experiment. A word of caution, don't start any hot glue gun projects when you're tired....tee hee. I started the wall about 2:00 thinking that I had plenty of time to finish before a 5:30 Pilates class. Wrong. I only had 3/4 of it done so I went to Pilates then came home to finish the project. I did, but I practically burned all the skin off my fingers from the hot glue. Tired and cranky, I had a little more trouble fitting the puzzle together. But, it's all done and it's really cool.

I got my recycle bin yesterday and my papers are going in...woo hoo!!! And, I just finished reading my first book of this month "In the Company of Newfies: A Shared Life", an awesome book by Rhoda Lerman. Rhoda is a breeder of Newfoundlands and this book is a heartwarming read for anyone who loves animals. Her relationship with her dogs is amazing and a must read for anyone getting a puppy, Newfoundland or not. You can also check out her dogs at This is actually the 2nd time I've read this book...does that count towards my 2 per month? Yep, I think so!!!


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