Friday, January 11, 2008

A Funny Story, a New Puppy & a Scooter

So, I was retelling a funny story to Dick when he got home last week and realized "what are blogs for...this should have gone on my blog!!" So here it is. I went to the local gas station carwash on Wednesday to give my car a little was awfully nasty from all that mud left over from the snow. Anyway, I'm waiting in line and the guy who's in the car wash starts to leave. Then I see him back up. Now, there are frosty garage doors entering the carwash so I can only see him in a haze. He starts to pull up and back up at least four times. Now I'm sitting there thinking "what in the world is this guy doing?" I thought maybe his car didn't get rinsed or whatever. Finally I see him get out of his car and then I see the exit garage door open so I think to myself "hmmm, something on his car must have hung up the door." Okay, so I pull in, get my wash, the green light comes on to exit, the door opens AND okay, wait for got it....closes immediately. Well, what do I do?? Exactly what the first guy does....back up, pull up again, back up, pull up I'm perfectly willing to get out of my car but I can't see any kind of button that will open the door AND I'm a little afraid that there might be electrical stuff out there that's dangerous....hmmmm....what to do. Thankfully, I had my cell with me (which I don't always have) and was able to call information, get the # for the station (which, by the way, was not on the receipt...I looked.) and had to have the attendant open the door for me. I have to admit that I did have a moment of panic when I was sitting there....trapped in the carwash!!! So, there it funny story for the day.

Now, on to the important stuff. Kimi is home with us and as you can see, she is just so adorable!

"Are you my mother?"

"I miss my brothers"...whine, whine, whine

She was great on the ride home, laid in her crate like a pro!! Whined a little but then fell fast asleep and slept all the way to Erie...she just got a bath so she smells so sweet I could just cuddle up with her all day. Right now, I'm posting and she's lying under my desk....she really likes the craft room...plenty of places to make a den...under the desk, under the craft table (although not for long...she'll be a big girl soon.). The love that is just filling up my heart is amazing...she's so sweet and beautiful and smart....and needs us so much. She does follow us around just like a puppy dog. Stay tuned...there will be plenty more Kimi posts.

As if getting a puppy wasn't excitement enough, last night we went to a fundraiser for Boulder Swimming and look what we came home with:

I'm very will be perfect for "scooting" around Erie.


Anonymous said...

She is adorable - welcome to the family Kimi! Can't wait to see you in March!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Kimi! We have a little something for the mailbox, and make Angie help you with the big words! Love S&R

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