Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Whole Week has gone by

It's Friday morning here in Tuscany and I can't believe a whole week has gone by. We're still having an amazing time. It rained almost all day yesterday...nice because it has been hot hot hot here. This is a much needed break from the heat.

Tuesday, the rest of the group went off to Rome (check out their pics at while Dick and I "stayed in". After a very lazy morning, we hopped in the car and drove through the Chianti region to a small town called Greve...another cute Italian wine town. We had lunch, a bottle of prosecco, then wound our way back to the villa. Here's a shot of the centro of Greve.
We've been spending most of our evenings at the wine fest in Montespertoli....we're starting to feel like a native....or as close as you can get in 5 days...we even have a favorite restaurant where the owners are getting to know us. I can't even figure out the name of the restaurant but I'll know before the end of the week...I just know that it's next to the lady that sells fresh cherries.

Wednesday we went to San Gimignano with Ron, Pam & Sally. What an amazing little's a few pics. Of course, before we even got to town, we had to stop for some wine and olive oil tasting...

It's like stepping back in time once you get within the walls of San Gimignano...this city is known as the city of beautiful towers and 14 original ones are still standing.

This is in the center of town...this cisterne provided the town's water for many years.

Sally and I climbed one of the towers and this is what we saw!!!! We must have lingered up there for an hour, it was so takes your breath away.

Just an Italian back alley that Sally and I stumbled upon. Can you see those frescoes on the wall?


My Mélange said...

Two of my fav's Greve and San Gimignano. Did you know that San Gimignano is called Medieval Manhatten because of the towers?

You should visit some wineries in the area Ang ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the updates - only wish we were there to help you drink all that affordable wine. (You know we would do our part!!) Hugs to you both!! S&R

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