Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day Tre in Italia

Buena Sera!! That's us girls on the way home from Montespertoli this morning.
Wow...I can't begin to tell you how indescribably beautiful it is here. After a much needed night of sleep, we were up this morning ready to start our Tuscan adventure. Sally, unable to sleep, was up at 3:00 am chomping at the bit for the rest of us to awaken...Gina & David were next, Dick and I were up by 9, Pam & Ron shortly behind and Stanage about 10...once we were all up having decaf coffee (what's the point??)...we decided to walk into Montespertoli for our morning expresso...for those of us who need the caffeine!! There's the chianti festival going on this week in Montespertoli so it's a happening place...even on Sunday. We had tasted about six wines and bought plenty all before noon. It's been a relatively slow pace today...I guess that's what happens when you drink wine in the morning. We took a ride into Empoli to check out the train station...note to self or anyone else: Empoli...don't bother. I don't need to say more. Here's a group pic from today and I'll say ciao! We have a private chef coming into the villa tonight to make us dinner...a full report to follow tomorrow!!!
Oh, just another amazing moment. We came home from dinner in Lucardo last night...Robin at should be proud of me...I've actually remembered the name of the restaurant (Volta) but alas, I did not take pics of food....sorry Robin!!! Anyway, after a delicious meal and plenty of wine, we arrived back at our villa, went out to our patio that overlooks the Tuscan hills and I'll be darned if there weren't fireworks going off in the distance....what a perfect ending to our first perfect day in Tuscany.


Anonymous said...

Private chef?? Who needs it when you have Angie!!??! Ciao!! Suze

My Mélange said...

Oh my, yes!!! You remembered the name of a trattoria!! Brava amica :)

Keep writing down those details. I want that chef's name too :)

Glad you are having fun!!

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