Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 Days and A Wakeup

I can't believe that we're only 5 days away from being in Italy again. It seems like ages ago that we were there. Here's a little teaser...taken from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. I can't wait!!!!! Today was spent starting the preparations: copying passports & credit cards, paying bills, calling credit card companies, getting my folder of important travel docs ready i.e. air itineraries, car itineraries, directions to the villa...woo hoo!!!! Now I'm getting very excited. I also started pulling out clothes so I can start packing...I think I'm bringing enough clothes to last me the summer....just in case :)


My Mélange said...

Have you not learned your lesson about packing too much??? I am so jealous. Better take lots of photos!!

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