Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Haircut

Was I the only person in Colorado surprised by the weather today? I thought it was going to get cold, but I woke up to snow on the ground...surprise!!! Of all mornings! I had to be in downtown Boulder to get my hair cut & colored this morning so it was a rushed morning. Kimi is doing well, adjusting to her crate so it's easy for me to leave for 3-3.5 hours now. What a relief. Anyway, I've been struggling with my hair for the last few months so today was a big day. I didn't really like it as long as it was...we had tried to cut in layers and some long bangs but that didn't work for me either. I liked it long as long as I could wear a hat, but since I don't wear a hat 24 hours a day, that doesn't work. So, after much deliberation, I cut about 3 inches off and I cut full bangs. I'm still not sure about the bangs but I do love the cut. And it's just hair....the bangs can always grow back. I'd been looking at lots of pics of Katie Holmes' new bob and I loved it but wasn't quite ready to go that here's my version. Obviously, if I had on fabulous designer sunglasses, it would make a difference (and maybe some make up would help!). Let me know what you think!

The inspiration:

The reality:

Here's a better view of the angle from front to back.


Anonymous said...

Love the bob -- and the bangs! I think it looks great on you. But, go shorter!! I loved your shair short!! It's Sunday - how happy are you tonight that you aren't working??? xo Suze

My Melange said...

Love the new do! Very similar to mine, though mine is much shorter...but I still have the angle thing goin on. I can't do bangs mine is one length! Tres chic!!

Are you getting in touch with your inner French girl?

Anonymous said...

I love the new bob cut! It is very glamorous!! It would have been perfect for Paris. Don't be afraid to go will thank me in Key West when it is 105 degrees. :) -Regina

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