Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Mine was fairly quiet. I did go to an Easter party in the afternoon but the morning was spent making this video for Dick who is on the road right now and I know misses us terribly. I thought he'd enjoy the Kimi video. Here's my first attempt at making homemade lemon bars. I'm about as good of a baker as I am a gardener but they were very tasty - the lemon part was nice and tart and the crust was a shortbread crust...yummy!

Here's Kimi's best friend, Sofia, dressed up in her Easter finest.

And here's her brother, Nicholas. He's constantly in motion so I'm lucky I got this one!

And here's me with their awesome mom, Kristi. Kristi's mom is the one who had the Easter party. She's great too...and always includes us in their holiday plans. We are so lucky to have such terrific friends and neighbors!

And finally, the Kimi video.


drinking buddy said...

Why o why are our glasses always empty? I think mine had a hole in it, although my pounding headache today tells a different story. Thanks for sharing Easter with us!

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