Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Updates

Happy Sunday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We are having the most beautiful weather here in Colorado...warm, sunny days and cool, dry nights. It doesn't get any better than this. Our beautiful maple tree in the front yard has turned a beautiful autumn red and is losing its leaves - winter is just around the corner. That's amazing, isn't it? I don't know where the summer went. I didn't do any of the things I wanted to do and here we are, getting ready for ski season.

My ankle is feeling much better but I haven't started running on it yet. Sally and I went for a 2 hour hike yesterday in felt great to be outside and moving. I've started going back to the gym...if I'm not going to run, I have to do something! I've also started taking a yoga class at lunchtime and all that stretching is making me feel great. I've exercised my whole adult life so to have now spent over a year basically doing nothing felt yucky, yucky, yucky. I don't think there are any more marathons in my future but I do hope to get up and running again.

I know time is flying because we're so busy but it doesn't make it any easier. Here's Dick and I at the Broncos game last week...we had a great time, making a day of it and we won!

Work has been busy too and the pups keep me busy at home. Here's some puppy love for you. Cody is 4 months old now and boy, is he a cutie and sweet!

The two of them are really getting along well and together, they make my heart melt.
They can be very attentive when Dick has treats!!

I've been spending alot of time in my craft room, working on Christmas cards and other things. It's been a long time since I felt any creative mojo, but spending the weekend with Suze in Chicago....chatting and visiting paper and stamp stores has gotten my creative juices going again. I don't think I've ever posted any of my cards but here's one that I made last weekend that I thought came out pretty well. It's a bad big but it looked really good in person and who knows, someone reading this blog may be the lucky recipients!!!

And last, but definitely not least, Dick has been travelling alot this year but is just short of making his normal United 1K status so to help him along, we're going here for 3 days in November - Munich, Germany. It will be a quick trip but we're always up for an adventure. We've been once before but it was at the tail end of a whirlwind 17 day trip and I didn't really enjoy the city. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend there and getting to know it a little better.
Have a great week!!!


pam said...

Enjoyed your update. It's nice know what's going on with you and Dick since we haven't seen you guys in a while.
Miss CO! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've been there for a visit :-(
Looks like you're keeping yourself very busy. Great dog pics. They are growing....
You and Sally get started with your power walking or running for the Bridge Run!
Munich!!! I'm so jealous!! I briefly visited that city several years ago with Stanage. LOVED IT!!
And love German food!!!! What are you guys not staying longer? :-)

Heather said...

Yay! I'm glad you're taking that Germany trip! Will it be late enough to hit the Christmas market?

Adorable card too!

And ... gotta' say that I'm jealous that you have red leaves! *laugh* Nothing but yellow as far as the eye can see down my way!

rongriffin007 said...

Tell Dick I said 'Hello'. Like Pam said, we miss you guys and Colorado. We are in fall weather here in N.C., so a good time to 'pop the top' on the Vette and take some nice rides. Plan on taking Pam into the mountains to see the leaves and visit Cone mansion

Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

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