Thursday, September 11, 2008

IKEA & Puppy Update

I am so excited...on the front page of the Denver Post this morning: Ikea coming to Colorado!!! I am thrilled, even though it will be close to 2 years before it's finished. In our current house, Ikea furniture wouldn't really fit in with our decor but when we were Townhouse living in Virginia, it was perfect. But, they have the most awesome prices and selection of kitchenware, dishes, glass jars...I can't wait!!!

Puppy update. There's a reason puppies are so cute! This morning I went outside to find a large hole in the middle of my outdoor sofa cushion and a puppy pulling out stuffing. Since I did not see the original crime occur, I don't know who started it although I am pretty sure it was Kimi, the big sister who was the original perpetrator. Cody just got caught living off the spoils!!!


Kerry and Rachel said...


I just showed my girls your puppies and they loved them. They said to tell you they are cute and they want them!

Kerry, Lauren and Claire

pam said...

IKEA is also coming to Charlotte. Spring 2009 and I can't wait either!!

I'm so glad you have such a great sense of humor with your puppies and your stuff! I'm not so sure I would. :-)

Fifi Flowers said...

IKEA has some good little decor items for any style.
OMG... cushion shredding 101 training is complete.

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