Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Relaxation in Italy

7 days isn't near enough time to spend in Italy (or Tuscany for that matter). It's difficult trying to balance relaxing time with tourist time...especially for first time visitors like Donna, Jason & Regina. Luckily, the temps were high (close to 100) on somedays so those were perfect days to lunch in Montespertoli then hang out by the pool...drink some limoncello...and just enjoy the pleasure of renting a villa in Tuscany.

Jason, Jennifer and Donna strolling through Montespertoli.

The girls striking a pose...

A toast to Tuscany!

Giuseppe, our favorite waiter at our favorite restaurant, joining us in an afternoon toast!

Jason & Donna checking out the limoncello supply.

Proof that limoncello brings out the goofiness in people....we were supposed to go to Pisa on this particular day but we were running late after a trip to the Ugolini vineyard and lunch so we decided to hang out in Montespertoli then hit the's the girls making our own "leaning tower".

Striking another pose for the boys :)

Limoncello will apparently also make you skip arm and arm through foreign streets....

Whew, it's hot so now we have to move to the pool....

Jason perfecting the art of keeping pool toys on your head with no hands!

Moving on from limoncello to red wine!

A friendly game of "volleyball"...

Fun in the sun!!!


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