Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Girl

I'm getting some flack for not keeping the blog up to date. I am now completely addicted to Facebook...and there's not much going on to talk about on the blog. Today is my birthday...not important what year...but I do like to celebrate. My DH is out of town but Sally and I are heading down to Denver for a nice dinner at LaSandia. I'll let you know how it turns out....

Here's my birthday present to myself...2008 BMW 328xi (need that 4 wheel drive for our Colorado winters...LOL)

I'm becoming quite the ski instructor. Helped Regina out last week then took Sally's niece, Bonnie, up to Vail last Friday. Bonnie had skied before but it was years ago. We started on a blue run up at we are enjoying the snowy day. Bonnie was quite the trooper!!!! She picked it up again quickly and we ended up having a great day...despite one yard sale fall.

I probably didn't need my helmet on this real risk of running into trees but it helps keep my head warm on snowy days!!!!


pam said...

BURRRR -- Looks cold to me! lol

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