Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because we have nothing better to do!

It's been a pretty slow week around here. Dick is home and we've just been kind of hanging out...running errands, etc. Dick has been playing with his favorite toy:

and we've been hanging out with our favorite entertainment:



Jenny said...

I didn't know Dick speaks Berner! Cody clearly understood what he was saying and was pretty happy about it. So cute.

Anonymous said...

we laughed out loud at this... keep the video comin'!! - suze

Fifi Flowers said...

That looks like a FUN toy! And you can't beat that kind of entertainment! ENJOY! Fifi

Its Our Life - Ron & Pam said...

Can't wait to talk to Dick about his upgrade to his toy. I don't know alot about superchargers, so I asked my son, Chase. He said that it should add anywhere between 100 and 130 hp. If this is the case, then when Dick gets to the dyno, I would guess he should be getting between 380 and 410 hp. WOW. That would be a big change on the track. Ron

pam said...

Funny video! Looks like you had fun New Year's also!!

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