Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bad Blogger

Hi and sorry I've been gone for so long. Thanksgiving week was a whirlwind trip. Dick and I drove down to Louisiana via Lake Livingston, Texas (to see Bill & Maggie). B & M are old friends that were some of our first neighbors when Dick moved to Colorado in 1991. They have remained our best friends throughout the years and we miss them terribly now that they are in Texas. Luckily, I get home to Louisiana often enough that I can always make a short stop to see them. It was great to spend two whole days with them this time. Maggie and I took a little shopping trip to the Houston Ikea while Dick and Bill hung out in the boat on the lake. I was sad to go.

But go we did...driving another 2.5 hours to my hometown of Jennings, Louisiana. It's always makes me sad to go dad died 6 years ago and just being there without him makes me sad.

We had a great Thanksgiving...almost 40 people (friends and relatives) at my mom's house and plenty of good food too numerous to mention here. It's always great to be able to see both sides of my family in one place.

The big news of the week is that my mom got engaged! We are very excited. Her fiance is a wonderful man who loves her very much and I know will take very good care of her so Mom, if you're reading this..CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! She's engaged???
wowwy woo! xoxo Suze

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