Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gone To The Dogs

Happy Sunday. Have you had a good weekend? We've had a great weekend!! Friday night we went out to dinner at a local Italian place that we both like (Zamparelli's in Lafayette, CO). Sorry, Robin, no pics but we split the antipasto plate which was delish...lots of dried tomatoes, salami, mozarella, etc. Dick had the chicken marsala while I had the gazpacho that I love!!! I adore tomatoes and fresh gazpacho is the perfect summer meal for me. I also had two grapefuitinis....more delish with fresh grapefruit juice...yum yum!! After we got home, we sat in our front yard with our dogs then a couple of neighbors dropped by, we opened a bottle of wine and sat around "visiting" with the neighbors and the dogs. A Friday evening doesn't get much better than that for me.

Saturday, Dick finally got the neighbors' go kart up &'s Dick & Derek, our neighbor, getting ready for the test run. The kids had a great time playing on it all weekend.

Saturday we spent all day putting together our new patio chairs!! Exhausting. I had some errands to run, baby gift to buy and a short trip to Hobby Lobby for more craft stuff!!! Today, spent the entire morning putting together the patio table, pulling weeds, watching the Formula 1 race on TV and napping (yep, I said napping...and did I mention it has been HOT here??). Sunday afternoon and I am just exhausted...ready for some down time in my craft room before I settle down in front of the tv and watch my DVR shows!!

Here's weekend puppy pics for your enjoyment. Kimi really looks huge next to him and she is. He's a little chewer...anything close to his mouth and put those teeth on it!!!

This picture is misleading because Kimi had been terrorizing him for awhile....when he finally got himself unpinned from her, he was up & barking at her like crazy!!

Boy, is he a cutie. Kimi is also a beautiful pup but he's very cuddly and would just like to lay around with his plushy toys if she didn't keep stealing them!!!

Have a happy rest of the weekend and a good week!


My Mélange said...

Cute doggie photos!! Took mine on a picnic today.

And what??!!! No photos of your antipasti???

Well, as long as it was good and you enjoyed it that's what counts ;)

Fifi Flowers said...

You're my kind of neighbor... pop over to your house and you open a bottle... I like that!
The food sounds delish too!
Your babies are darling!

pam said...

Puppies are too cute!! I'm sure they are entertaining!

The gocart...we had one just like that for the kids when they were smaller. It buzzed around the neighborhood and cul-de-sac for several years!! Memories.....Now they are buzzing around in their cars!

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